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5 Great Things for a Realtor to do in this market

Saturday, March 21, 2015   /   by Marie Berthe

5 Great Things for a Realtor to do in this market

5 Great Things for a Realtor to do in this market

1. Counsel sellers on pricing
There is an increase in buying activity. That DOES NOT mean we will see an increase in pricing. Remember the 'supply and demand' curve. Supply is still too plentiful. Price your inventory to sell now. This is the best chance your sellers have to sell their house and get on with the life situation that caused them to originally put the property on the market.

2. Use pricing materials on presentation of offers
Be as prepared for a presentation of an offer as you are when taking a listing. You know that on many of today's offers the seller will have an issue with price. Be prepared to help the homeowner make good decisions by revisiting values in the marketplace and where they are currently headed.

3. Market your successes immediately
The agents who help their sellers the most over the next 90 days will own the first quarter of 2010. For the rest of the year sellers will be looking at one thing, and one thing only, when deciding whom to give their listing to: Who is selling houses? Get the sign riders up and market the fact that you are the one!

4. Continue to sell the buyers the home - even after they sign the contract!
There is still enough negativity hanging around that a buyer might get questioned about their decision to move forward with the purchase. We sometimes think we don't have to worry once they are in contract. Remember that negotiable items sometimes come up after contract (closing dates, home inspections, appraisals, etc.) We must continue to sell the home to its buyer until the closing.

5. Keep up with current news articles
It is imperative that we are seen as industry experts. That won't happen unless we make a diligent effort to stay on top of this rapidly evolving market. You must have resources that will keep you updated. Put this information into a presentation that will enable your buyers and sellers to easily embrace the issues that should affect their decisions. Then you will truly be giving professional counsel.


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