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Client Testimonials


“When I met the Ocean400 team and let them know I was interested in looking for my first house, they spent some time with me trying to find what I was looking for and my biggest thing was the location. I wanted a good neighborhood at my price and we were working together for about 8 months, until we found just the right house, in the right location, for the right price for my price range. I’ve been there for about a year and half now; very, very happy with it and the value has increased about $85,000!  Looked at a lot of houses together and then they found one that wasn’t on the market yet. I’m very happy with it.  And the closing process was flawless. For how many hours I work, they managed everything so that way I could continue working my busy schedule, and they took out a lot of the hassle that goes along with home buying.  So, I’m very happy with the Ocean400 team and recommend them to friends or anyone who is the market for buying home!”
 –Ryan Shank, Fort Lauderdale

“I met Ryan Critch while I was looking for a new home. I walked into an open house, I met him, and I liked him immediately - his personality, his demeanor.  He immediately took all my information & he stayed with me through everything.  I was always very busy and didn’t have a lot of time - Ryan worked with my schedule, always willing to meet me on my time, whenever I had time.  He helped me find the perfect house but by the time I was ready, that house was under contract.  Then I totally flipped and decided I wanted to live in a condo on the beach, so I asked him to find one for me in a certain building and he did.   He did everything: arranged the inspection, the mortgage person, the appraisal and he saved me $32,000.  After the sale, he cared enough to find a contractor for me who was wonderful and who did everything perfect. Everything – I depended on Ryan for everything.  He came through with everything.  I would recommend him highly to anyone.  He’s not only a great realtor but he’s a great person. And if you want someone on your side, he’s the man.” 
-Maureen Donadio, Pompano Beach

“Ryan was the one agent that would always respond. My husband loved that. We live in Bermuda and travel frequently but Ryan always found time to Skype or FaceTime with Kevin.  His knowledge of the market was excellent and he found what we really wanted which saved us time. Everything went great – no issues. Negotiations went very smoothly. Ryan’s great, wonderful, the ‘bees-knees’. My husband can’t say enough good things about him! We are lucky to have found him. We love the house and the neighborhood.”
-Sue Roberts, Pompano Beach

“A few months ago Kathy helped my wife and I buy our first home, and she is the reason we are living in our dream home today.  Buying a home for the first time is extremely scary. Making it even scarier was the fact that my brother, sister, and mother in law had all just bought homes, and their home buying processes were extremely complicated, stressful, and full of uncertainties. Our process was the opposite thanks to Kathy.  She was extremely responsive and knowledgeable throughout the whole process.  We were the first people to see our house on the first day it was on the market.  We thought the house was perfect, so we made an offer that day.  Several other people also made offers on the first day, including cash offers, however Kathy wrote a letter to the seller explaining a little about my wife and I and that this would be the home we start our family in.  After our offer was accepted we got nervous because the complicated part was about to begin, but Kathy put us in touch with great people to work with. From the appraisal, to getting the loan, to closing on the house, everything was smooth thanks to Kathy and her great team.  Not only did we get the home of our dreams, but the process was easier than we could have ever imagined.”
-Eddie & Cristina Padrino, Plantation

“My daughter Cristina told me that you wrote a letter on their behalf to accompany their offer for a home.  She also said that other potential buyers had more cash to put down.  I don't know what you said that sealed the deal for them, but I wanted to thank you.  Having just finished looking at many properties in the Plantation area, I realized this was a great deal for them.  Thank you for turning my daughter's dream into a reality. When we face-timed Mario and Cookie last night, Mario said Cristina and Eddie were in good hands with Mrs. Critch. How right he was! Thank you so much!”  
-Candy Koch, South Florida

 “The Ocean400 team was outstanding in helping us sell our house. We had our house on the market with a different company for over 6 months with no success at all, with very little interest in even looking at the house. When The Ocean400 team took over, it was amazing how fast our house was sold…It was sold in 10 days, in fact, which was amazing after 6 months of no activity!  Within the first few days, our house was busy with people looking and phone calls, and the next thing we knew we had an offer on the table. The negotiation process went very quickly and we had our house sold. We needed to quickly get out and needed a new house to find to go to! The Ocean400 team took over quickly in that area too, and within a few days we were looking at houses. We loved the fact they were very interested in hearing what we were looking for and what we wanted.  They found a house right in the neighborhood we were looking and the price range we were looking and never took us to a house that was out of our price range. They were great with the negotiation. When we found the perfect house we were able to get in for the price we were looking for.  We were very pleased and felt very successful in working with Ocean400!”  
-Tracey & Greg Wood, Pompano Beach

 “I met Kathy when I bought my last apartment. She was a broker next door, and she was fun, funny, had a LOT of interesting things to say, and she seemed very intelligent.  So, as the time came for me to retire, I gave her a buzz and let her know what we were looking for- the neighborhoods and all of those kinds of things. We had spoken to her on a Monday and by TUESDAY we had an accepted offer!  Kathy made it incredibly easy as we were up North to help connect us to mortgage brokers, attorney- anything we needed to make it as smooth as possible and it was! It was one of the easiest transactions- it was one day of work for us of mail going back and forth. They did the rest.  Kathy had the keys waiting at the desk when we arrived!”  
-Mark Cioli & Ken Gall, Galt Ocean 

“When I retired and wanted to sell quickly and relocate by family in Alabama, you sold my home in 2 weeks, with very innovative financing that brought even more money to us in the sale. I am so grateful for your expertise, follow up and carrying it through after the sale with an early payoff. You certainly know your business well and help both buyer and seller.”  
-Alice Hebner, Rio Vista

“I began my search over 2 years ago looking for a home. I was unsuccessful on my own and someone suggested that I call the Ocean400 Team. They not only helped me narrow my search, they helped me find a home within a couple of weeks that I actually put an offer on! They helped me with all the paper work, with the financing, the closing, and eased me into securing the home.  I’m very happy that I called them!  They are high in integrity and I’m very grateful for what they did for me. 
–Kathy T., Miramar

“My husband and I decided to relocate both our family and business from the West Boca area down to Fort Lauderdale, so we were looking for a real estate company that could help us on the commercial side, as well as the residential. We found Ocean400! They were able to find a commercial property very quickly to lease for his company and then we were looking for a home for us. We had a very specific area that we were interested in finding a property. The Ocean400 was very easily and quickly able to switch modes and offered several different properties. One of the things I really liked about the team was that they LISTENED to what we wanted and showed properties that met our requirements. When we switched modes from buying to renting, Ocean400 did not try to pressure us into buying the house. They were able to get a lease for my husband’s business, and also got us into a rental property. When it is time for us to buy a home, I will be very happy to use them again. They were very excellent in helping us relocate to the Fort Lauderdale area!  
-Pam & Diego Saenz, Boca Raton

“We asked our friends for some recommendations, and the most prominent recommendation we got from our friends was the Ocean400 team. We were so pleased when we met with a representative and began to share our story and what we needed to do.  And you know, the first thing we did after that was pray together.  That was such a comfort and relief to us because we believe that God is in control of all things. It was a joy to let them take over after that point and tell us what we needed to do to get our house ready.  It wasn’t long before they had the house listed.  We were very blessed because it was only two months before they had a contract for us on our home.  At this time the market was not good and people said “You’re not going to get what you want out of your house, you’re not going to get the house sold”.  But the team was very confident that they could help us…and they did! They not only helped us to get our home ready to sell and knew people who could do some things that needed to be done, but they brought people by, they worked with other realtors, they did what was needed and within in two months our house sold, which at the time was utterly amazing and it was God! We were so thankful for the ways in which they had helped and advised us, and everything worked very smoothly between what they did with the buyer, the title company. We were just very thankful that we had been able to do business with them, and very thankful for the help that we had. It was a great experience!” 
 -Nancy & Ron Kilpatrick, Coconut Creek

“I highly recommend the Ocean400 team- we sold our house in 5 days, receiving two offers, and getting much more money than we ever expected. The constant communication and the prompt service- UNBELIEVABLE.  I definitely recommend them.”  
-Jen & Sean Casey, Deerfield Beach

“The Ocean400 team helped me tremendously as far as finding a rental property. They nurtured me to the specifications that I was looking for. I have a pet and it’s very hard to find a place that will accept pets in the area where I was looking. They were able to find me the right place, with the right amenities/everything that I was looking for. I’m very pleased & recommend the Ocean400 team to everyone!”  
-Ray Mota, Fort Lauderdale

“We are very grateful to the Ocean400 team for their invaluable assistance during the process of finding a good place to rent for our family. Living outside of the state and moving into a new area could be an intimidating process, however, Ocean400 provided the knowledge, guidance and comfort needed to help us make this transition as smooth as possible.” 
-Javier & Margarita Pena, Fort Lauderdale

“Ohio doesn’t feel like home anymore after being in Florida and what Ocean400 did for our family in 48 hours ‘thanks’ doesn’t seem like enough to say. We smiled when we saw the house and I have not smiled for a long time. After staring at my husband in the hospital for 2 years, I have yet to laugh, but you found us a place that made us smile again. I can’t begin to put it into words, so our family will instead say that we love you, deep down in our hearts, we truly do.” 
-Jeff & Gina Cape, Boca Raton

“I will never forget your kindness extended to my mother, brother, and I a few years ago in Fort Lauderdale when you showed us a few properties. Please know how much I appreciate the professionalism of the Ocean400 team.”   
-Mike Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

“First of all, I would like to thank you for answering all of my text messages in record time, no matter if it was early mornings or midnight. Secondly, I would like to thank you for setting up the search tool that emails me new listings daily that helped me find this house. You were also great to show me the house the very next morning at 7 am. Prior to being introduced to the Ocean400 team, I resented getting a realtor, because I thought they are not helpful, but you have proven me wrong. Thank you for all and I wish you good luck in both your life as well as your work!”  
-Paula Griffin, Davie

“We want to thank the Ocean400 team for helping us find our beautiful new home in Broward! God put us together and had a plan for you to help us. Coming from Miami, we did not know the Broward area that well and so we were especially thankful for your guidance and suggestions. You were wonderful in introducing us to some of the families in the school community our children will be a part of. We are thankful for your encouragement, patience and always returning our calls/emails promptly. We are so thankful to know that you were more than a realtor to us but also a friend.”  
-Janette & Jose Camejo, Miami

“Our family wants to compliment the Ocean400 team on how much you have blessed and impacted our family with your kindness. When we were suddenly in a financial bind, you and your family kept us from ending up in a major crisis. We will forever be so grateful to you for what you have done. God certainly used your heart and professional skills to help and touch our family.  God bless you.”  
-Linda & Kirk James, Fort Lauderdale

“As the Director of Student Services for a graduate level training school, part of my responsibility is to help our incoming students find housing. The Ocean400 team has been a ‘go-to’ source for us and worked hard to locate the housing options available for a variety of student needs. I appreciate their effort, personal care and commitment to minister to our school family.”   
-Jim & Becky Dietz, Fort Lauderdale

 “We relocated from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. After contacting several realtors, the Ocean400 team exceeded them all.  They were easy to contact, flexible, and gave us options other realtors couldn't. I'm very appreciative of their services. I would commend them to any potential real estate interest.”  
-Jonathan & Ivey Smith, Fort Lauderdale

 “Thank you so much for going over and above to help me acquire a home. The whole team at Ocean400 has been a terrific advocate and friend and I will be forever blessed to have known and worked with them.”  
-Michelle Sandler, Boca Raton

 “You were the bright spot in all of this...you did a magnificent job, and it was a pleasure working with you.”  
-Mike & Linda Green, Grasonville, MD

“Thank you so much for all you did in selling our house!  What an outstanding job in getting it listed quickly and then a contract within 2 months!  Your advice and encouragement along the way was invaluable and we appreciate your wisdom in walking us through the whole process. In this difficult market, the Ocean400 team did an outstanding job; so thankful to close and move within 3 months’ time! 
 - Nancy & Ron Kilpatrick., Coconut Creek

“As first-time homebuyers my husband and I knew we needed someone who was experienced, professional and caring. The Ocean400 team epitomized these characteristics.  Although we lacked real estate knowledge, we knew that having our agent would enable us to make a wise investment.  The Ocean400 team is very trustworthy and knowledgeable and helped find us an amazing home. We are expecting our first child in a few months and it is so exciting to welcome him to our very own home! We are forever grateful to the Ocean400 team for all of their hard work. We highly recommend them to all our dear family and friends or anyone who needs a real estate hero!”  
-Jon & Abbie Schwab, Fort Lauderdale

“Somebody said, I don't know who, that ‘God will send people in your life for a reason and a season.’ The Ocean400 Team was there when we needed them. The reason was clear- I needed a realtor that cared and showed concern by working very diligently on my behalf.  Not only did they find that buyer in this market but they took care of every detail, kept me informed and advised. Isn't that what everyone wants and needs from their realtor? They are so much more than a GREAT team!”  
-Margery Fettig, Pompano

“I wanted to drop a quick line to say one more thank you...  I brought my parents to see the new place and they're just so excited. They absolutely loved the place and my mom liked that it seemed like a nice safe street. We owe it all to the Ocean400 team. Thanks!”   
-Natalee Davidson, Fort Lauderdale

“…and may I add, your team has the nicest people as well, and I thank you for that.” 
–Nancy Smith, Boca Raton

 “It was a pleasure talking to the members of the Ocean400 team today. Thank you for following up- you are the only one who called us back.”  
-Robert Lull, New York, NY    

“Please accept this quilt in appreciation. All of the love and work that went into it is our way of expressing our sincere thanks in selling our home & helping us move from Ft Lauderdale. We have not forgotten the giving spirit and love of The Ocean400 Team for our family.” 
-Curt & Karen McDaniels, Pennsylvania

“When we relocated to Ft Lauderdale, the Ocean400 team found my wife and I the perfect place. They also found a place for my co-worker that was newly remodeled and a great price. Everyone was very professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend them for any real estate needs.”  
-Brock Newman, Boca Raton

“When we relocated to Fort Lauderdale, it was evident we would be unable to make any house-hunting trips because of our schedules and the distances. We were led to Ocean400. I explained what we wanted and they offered advice that caused us to rethink. We decided to put our trust in them and their knowledge of the area and the result was awesome. We purchased in just over 6 weeks and we did not even see it till we got there with the moving truck... it is more than we could have imagined.”  
 -Mike & Debbie Dicken, Fort Lauderdale

“With the Ocean400 teams’ expertise, we purchased 2 properties and sold one. We made $65,000 on one home and bought the second at a deep discount. We still live here and the value has nearly doubled. If anyone has questions regarding their service or knowledge of the industry, please call me personally.”
 –Drew Williams, Boca Raton

“The Ocean400 Team has been a pleasure to work with over the past 5 years. They not only assisted me with my personal real estate portfolio, but also from a professional standpoint. The team has worked with diligence, honesty and integrity and has made my real estate experiences very prosperous and delightful.” 
-J.M., Delray Beach

“The Ocean400 team came highly recommended by another attorney friend of mine. I simply told them I wanted a home between West Palm and Miami. They found my dream home within a week in Boca Raton. It would've taken me years to do it on my own.”  
-Juan Villar, Boca Raton 

“The Ocean400 team has been great for me. They are available and do not waste your time showing you properties that are not to your liking. I outlined exactly what I was looking for and they found matches which gave me a choice. The Ocean400 team is very timely with follow-up and commitment. I will definitely keep them as my realtors of choice for all of my future property purchases.”  
-Coach David, Fort Lauderdale

“Consider this my professional and personal reference...over the past several years, the Ocean400 team has located several properties for our clients including personal residences, rentals and investment properties. I have been extremely impressed with the team as they took the initiative to find very good properties in desirable locations that had potential for significant appreciation. They are tireless workers and self-starters who want to provide the most professional services possible. For these reasons, I contacted them when I was searching for a home for my daughter and we concluded the purchase in a very short time. We were both thrilled with the results. I have known or worked with a lot of real estate professionals; however, I have never worked with anyone who is as professional, efficient and caring about their clients.”
 -Alice Jones (CPA, PFS), Lighthouse Point

“Just wanted to advise how wonderful and extremely helpful the Ocean400 team has been with our real estate ventures in Florida!  With your expert help, we found a perfect place and an inspector who was thorough as well. Your knowledge and manner inspire such confidence and trust!  Both my husband, my son and I feel you made all the difference in our finding and purchase of the perfect property. The condo has proved a fabulous investment as well as a very comfortable home for our son. The value of our purchase has increased and we are delighted!  We would, and have, recommended Ocean400 with unhesitating praise. You have become true friends.” 
-David & Kate Fornie, Deerfield Beach

“I have a great place to live, great neighborhood, good condition, all due to the Ocean400 team and I recommend them to anyone looking for a Realtor.  
-Baudy Joseph, Fort Lauderdale

 “I was fortunate to come to know the Ocean400 team through the property my family and I reside in. Your team has always followed up on all matters, offer great service and never leave me hanging...I trust you to do the right thing and you do!  I wish you the best and your team is wonderful.”  
-Jill Poser, Boca Raton

“I purchased a home that they found for me at a great bargain. They knew exactly what I was looking for, and as a first-time buyer, made the transaction seamless and effortless. They negotiated the best possible deal for me and, in turn, my property was appraised 1 year later at a 170% increase in value. The Ocean400 team knew this property was in the perfect location, for the right price and helped me lock it in. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a home for the right price, for the best value.”  
-Ed Steklassa, Boca Raton

“I had heard very positive reports about the Ocean400 team years before I decided to sell my home. People were very pleased with positive attitude, attention to detail, professional and pleasant demeanor. I've found this team to be very knowledgeable about the South FL housing market, very accessible by cell and e-mail, very adept at answering questions and providing helpful advice as we walk thru the selling process. I am so pleased to be work the Ocean400 team because they helped make a difficult life decision much easier. 
-Penny Proko, Fort Lauderdale

“I highly recommend the Ocean400 team for all real estate transactions, advice and support. This is a team of true professionals in every way and I am confident that when given a task or challenge, they get the job done! Another satisfied customer. 
-Jeff & Tracy Borton, Fort Lauderdale

“It is a pleasure to refer The Ocean400 team as the team has always done a fantastic job for Chuck and I, in that you always stay on top of our projects and "keep us in the loop". Our condo has gone up $75,000 since we purchased it. We continue to be pleased with the home that you helped us purchase as well. It is a solid investment for us and it also has gone up in value. Thank you again for all of your professional assistance.”  
-Chuck & Sue Greig, Boca Raton

“It is a pleasure to refer the Ocean400 team. The sale of my townhome was exactly as you said it would be. I couldn't have expected any better service.”  
-Gene Tiemken, Boca Raton  

“My wife and I were appreciative of the prompt and expeditious help in finding our investment condo. The Ocean400 team always answered our questions with knowledge and promptness. We also appreciated the mortgage company they set us up with. The Ocean400 team is professional with a personal touch.”
 -Burt & Glenna Atkinson, Pompano Beach

“I want to express my appreciation for the excellent service the Ocean400 team provided to list and rent our home in Lauderdale by the Sea.  The process could not have gone smoother.  The team showed complete professionalism in working with the old tenant to move out on time and the new tenants to get settled.”
 -Scott Talbot, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL

“There was very little interest in even looking at our house until the Ocean400 team took over. Then the negotiations went quickly and then we needed a new house. We loved the fact that the Ocean400 team was interested in what we were looking for and kept us in our price range. Within a few days, we had the perfect house and felt very successful about working with Ocean400.”  
–Greg Wood, Pompano Beach 

“For some time, I was referred to Ocean400 team. After listening carefully to my requests, they were right on top of the market offerings, immediately showing me houses that were on target and we found one. My concerns were addressed and they expertly fought for my bid and guided me through the contract and sale. The agent was not only very knowledgeable concerning the real estate market, but was kind, caring and had a wealth of common sense. I had such a good experience that I listed my current home with them and it sold in record time. The Ocean400 team is a top notch professional team and I recommend them highly. You would be very wise to contact them for your real estate search and sale.”  
-Kathy T, Fort Lauderdale

“Have a happy & safe holiday with your family and loved ones. Please tell your Mom and Dad I asked for them! Especially your brother Mike whom I coached at Westminster Academy - very proud of that young man! Let him know that I still have the letter he wrote during his Freshman year at Grove City College – that letter meant and means a lot to me! Your parents certainly showed me Agape love when I first moved here to So Fla – my first 2 living quarter scenarios were via the blessings of your parents at Lighthouse Point & the Fort Lauderdale condo around the corner from the school. Your family will always hold a special place in my heart and spirit.  
-Dwayne Wilson, Fort Lauderdale

“I have precious memories of your wonderful mother who showed my mother, brother and me some properties several years ago. I still have a yearning to live in the Fort Lauderdale area if I knew I could find the bargain of the millennium!  I hope to be down later in the year and perhaps you could show me a few properties. Until then, God richly bless you in all your endeavors. A thousand blessings rest upon you!’  
-Michael Mitchell, Alabama

“Thank you so much for your time and meeting with my husband and me yesterday to get started on the pre-approval process. I am definitely going to get started with Step 1 of the plan that your lender outlined so we can get financed. For now, we really liked a couple of the homes you picked out for us and will drive by.  
-Yanay & Divier Barrioz, Fort Lauderdale

“Great team of experts as they have the strategy to list, price and sell your home quickly.  I was impressed on the number of home seekers who saw my property on the web, as the pictures taken by the realtor were amazing, this triggered many interested in seeing the property up close, I would highly with no hesitation recommend to anyone to put these professional on your side since they have the real estate business down to the science.” 
-Robert Boscio, Orlando

“I live in New England and wanted to sell my Mother's condo. They sold it quickly and I didn't even have to be there for the closing. Thanks so much.” 
-Gretchen Hayes, Massachusetts 

“I want to thank Kathy & the Ocean400 team for selling my condo in such a short time for so much money. Kathy was very helpful from the beginning and staying in touch with me and helped me through the difficult process of selling a condo I lived in for 15 years. It wasn't easy to let go but she stayed on top of everything and handled everything professionally for me.  Kathy was definitely a blessing to me and I would recommend her and Ocean400 to anyone. Even though I'm not up-to-date on technology, the Ocean400 team is and that's a good thing for the future generation. Thank you once again for helping me sell my condo and start the next phase of my life.”

-Gwen Copeland, Fort Lauderdale