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Ryan Critch: Hi, I’m here with Monica Tobon and Monica has been with us since October of 2016. So Monica can you tell us how you and I met?

Monica Tobon: I met Ryan while we were taking our real estate course together and shortly after we both passed that was interviewed by him to join their agency however I went with another group and after two years getting no leads I called Ryan again and he welcomed me and I love their system and I am busy now finally.

Ryan Critch: And where are we right now?

Monica Tobon: We are standing in this beautiful home in Lighthouse Point and we're here for open house.

Ryan Critch: And Monica is faithful she comes every Sunday she's in town 2-5PM to hold the open house, she's actually standing by a beautiful creation that her friend made.  It does an excellent portrayal of the home and what it would look like furnished.

So without giving too much information away Monica, how has the training been on the lead generation system so far?

Monica Tobon: well... Training is great. I was somewhat familiar with the system already.

Ryan Critch: Good

Monica Tobon: But I've learned more through the online training and the system also provides weekly webinars.

Ryan Critch: And then in terms of help if you text me or email me a question and how is my response time?

Monica Tobon: the response time is great if I can’t get hold of you, I can get hold of Kathy but I am never left hanging… I always get a response.

Ryan Critch: Excellent! So in terms of your overall experience in the last six months with Ocean400 would you recommend it?

Monica Tobon: Absolutely, it's got that family feeling that I like you know not the big corporate agencies and very warm, very loving, and caring you guys want to see your Agents succeed and that's the most important.

Ryan Critch: So Monica and I have been become friends and Kathy is my Mom and so it truly a family business. So Thank You Monica for doing this.

Monica Tobon: Thank you

Ryan Critch: I'm here with Nicole Austin and this is Ocean400 International Realty. Nicole when did you join us?

Nicole Austin: About a month ago

Ryan Critch: Ok excellent! And did you have any real estate experience prior to joining our brokerage?

Nicole Austin: No, none.

Ryan Critch: And how has your training been so far?

Nicole Austin: Great! Actually, I’m getting a lot of hands on training from both you and Kathy.

Ryan Critch: Alright, and Kathy is my Mom. And so we have a lead generation system and Nicole is awesome because she's super smart, so she picks up everything very quickly. So what are your mornings’s like when you first get home and you're ready to start your day?

Nicole Austin: Phone calls...

Ryan Critch: Phone calls??

Nicole Austin: Yeah

Ryan Critch: Alright

Nicole Austin: cold calling

Ryan Critch: cold calling?

Nicole Austin: Yeah

Ryan Critch: well... how do you know what leads to call?

Nicole Austin: With our lead generation system, I have a list of potential buyers in front of me and I just call one number after another.

Ryan Critch: Do you manually dial?

Nicole Austin: No, I don't have to do that, it's set up automatically and the numbers just keep going through.

Ryan Critch: So you use a dialer?  Alright perfect! And we gave you a script, is the script pretty easy to follow?

Nicole Austin: Totally easy to follow. I can put it into my own words, so it works.

Ryan Critch: Which is key and that's why you’re successful because you have to make your own

Nicole Austin: yeah...

Ryan Critch: How about one-on-one sessions with your broker? How many of these have we done give or take?

Nicole Austin: Well I've had about five or six with you Ryan I think and probably about the same amount with Kathy.

Ryan Critch: Alright awesome! So about ten training sessions one-on-one within the first month?

Nicole Austin: Yeah and you're always there to answer my questions no matter how dumb I think they are, you guys always answer everything for me.

Ryan Critch: Yeah okay... Awesome! So our farming appointments, what did we do to our farm with the listing lead generation system?

Nicole Austin: We went door to door and knocked on the doors as a team and introduced ourselves which was actually nice to meet some people and giving them our information.

Ryan Critch: And how's the response been when they did actually open the door and we got talking to people?

Nicole Austin: They were very welcoming.

Ryan Critch: Right! I agree with you.  We had had our gift bags, we drove around, and met some people.

So why did you join Ocean400?

Nicole Austin: You guys were inviting, you were warm and fuzzy you know after you get your license all the companies start calling you but actually before I got my license all the companies were calling me and trying to recruit me before I pass the State Exam, so after I passed the exam I didn't have a good feeling about calling any of them back until I met your Mom.

Ryan Critch: And then how about time management and productivity training, is that something I've been trying to share?

Nicole Austin: Totally it's like training me from the beginning how to manage my time and how to set certain things during certain hours of the day but it helps.

Ryan Critch: Awesome

Nicole Austin: yeah

Ryan Critch: And then so this is our office and then so Nicole is invited here whenever we schedule time. Thank You Nicole.

Nicole Austin: Thank You!