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March 15, 2015

Here we go, time sure flies by, the final term of 12th Grade has arrived for my Senior son at PBHS. The quality of the 100% Magnet program is equivalent or superior to any private institution. The AP and Honors subjects are instructed by well qualified, certified and accredited experienced teachers. As a senior tutor, there have been zero PBHS students seeking coaching assistance for their ACT/SAT test prep, my own child scored 31 for reading and has been accepted by FAU. So in all fairness, all kudos to PBHS, I have been more than satisfied by the delivery of their Education program. You'd be real lucky in the Lottery system to gain admission. If you do, trust me, you've really hit the Jackpot.

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October 16, 2014

I despise the faculty and staff. They glorify the school when in actuality it is corrupt. I have seen the emotions of myself deteriorate as I have gone on through the school year. I plan on NOT recommending this school to anyone who enjoys their sanity and well-being/ life. If I do decide to stay in this school, I will be upset that these teachers and students would be my alumni. P.S./ A good portion of the teacher faculty does not care about overwhelming students with work. They assign multiple projects consecutively to be due in ridiculously short time periods.

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October 12, 2014

Well I am currently a sophomore at UCF and I am not happy to say this but, Pompano didn't prepare me enough as I thought it was going to. My freshman year I was quite behind in subjects I shouldn't have been in like English. At pompano I took all honors and eight AP classes; out of that eight about two really set me up for college curriculum(Shipe&Magnetta!). When I was attending Pompano the school was really full of themselves... Anyways I was in the music program too (band). Now that I am in college I wasn't taught NEARLY enough than I needed for in the basics of music theory so discontinued marching. Overall the staff was ok but the school and the students were COMPLETELY full of themselves. I wished that went somewhere else but now I am making up what wasn't brought to me. My friend who goes to FGCU and attended PBHS agrees with me on this. You guys could do better! Come on Tornadoes!!

December 8, 2013

As the PBHS 4 day school week progresses, students have an opportunity for independent study. Teachers are close to perfect posting classroom and homework sores on the school's Pinnacle website. My 11 Grader continually improves his study and test skills. The school also keeps you informed by telephone on student's attendance absences and regularly notifies parents of any meetings and special events scheduled. The Honor subjects and AP classes challenge and prepare the student for higher learning, and college education, for which this Magnet school was specifically designed. All kudos to PBHS.

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October 8, 2013

My son is a Senior at Pompano Beach and I feel that I have been very lucky to be able to send my child to this school. It is by far the best public school in Broward County. It compares to the nicest private school without the price tag. The teachers are top notch, the Administrators really care and the Parents are very involved.

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August 24, 2013

This is one of the best and most wonderful high schools in all of Florida. It's incredibly high standards push the students to do their all out best. It has a positive and encouraging environment crafted for learning and moving forward. In my opinion Pompano Beach High School deserves nothing bu praise.

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June 24, 2013

Pompano Beach High School is very full of itself. There is very little oversight when it comes to teachers' bad behavior. My son has had two teachers who graded work and simply threw it away without letting students review it or be able to question the grade. An English teacher was unable to communicate effectively in writing. She also didn't put one mark on the essays she graded, and the grading was arbitrary by her own admission. My son had two more serious issues, but I don't want him identified as a result of this rating. Trust me, they were even worse in their flagrant inappropriateness. When issues are brought to this highly INEFFECTIVE administration, they demand that you have face to face meetings with the teachers (between 7am and 3:30pm) before they get involved. Phone conferences don't count...even for those of us struggling to earn a living. They talk the talk about being a good school, but they don't walk the walk. They expect more from students behavior-wise than they expect from their teachers. How this school achieves an A rating boggles the mind.

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March 29, 2013

Pompano Beach High is overall an awesome school. It's safe, and when students work hard enough, Pompano is the perfect stepping stone to attend any college of that student's choice. I am finishing my senior year at Pompano right now, and honestly, I don't feel I would have achieved as much at any other school. The only concern I have/downfall about Pompano is the administration. The principal is a nice and dedicated guy, but the rest of the admins really don't care enough about the students. That said, I would greatly reccommend PBHS.

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September 17, 2012

Initially, I was accepted and soon enrolled in this school. I am quite the procrastinator and underachiever, although I do relish excellent grades. Pompano Beach High School overwhelmed me with stress and a constant urge to just give up despite the reassurance I was given at home. This is not a school for intellectual, yet lazy people like myself. I underestimated this school and have ceased myself from being brainwashed that academics are everything. I do admit that the teachers are decent in quality and actually want their students to learn. For the most part, PBHS sets too high of a caliber, considering some of their pupils scored a level 3 on the FCAT. If you are hardworking, bright, and looking forward to five hours of work each weeknight, take the dive.

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February 28, 2012

I am a Freshman at Pompano Beach High School, and proud to be! Yes, It is a struggle every day for me to maintain a B average, my social life has slowly diminished and my grades are not as good as they would be in other schools. But the education here is the best, i have never had a problem with anyone and I am never bored. I am glad that i applied and honored to have gotten in.

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December 10, 2011

PBHS clearly does not want students from the inner city at their school. I attended a game and students from ELY High School were there. Parents clutched their belongings and ask the police to come and supervise the area. The students weren't doing anything inappropriate or swearing. I was shocked to see this from the parents that I see in SAC meetings.

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July 27, 2011

There is this horrible math teacher, FISHER-DAVIS, who can not do a simple math addition problem yet she is teaching math honor @ Pomp H.Students and administrators all knew she could not teach but nothing was done about it.Get your kids some serious private tutoring if they get her for a teacher.

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May 8, 2010

My son was lucky enough to get accepted as a freshman this year. I was so worried with him starting high school... but he has academically excelled at this school. He also reports no problems with violence or drugs as seen in alot of other schools across the country. Great school!

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March 23, 2010

Great education, awesome faculty, enjoyable atmosphere and best of all, a safe environment with an exceptional student body with a goal to graduate and achieve.

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March 22, 2010

My son is graduating this year! We loved Pompano! My daughter just got accepted and we couldn't be happier. We have done public and private in the past. This is the best of both worlds! The quality, certified teachers and resources you expect from public school and the cozy, family-like atmosphere you pay for in private school! Go Tornados!!

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