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Walter C. Young Middle School8

Pembroke Pines, FL | Broward County


December 3, 2014

Many schools have drama I can tell you that but the teachers are so nice. The clubs are fun I'm only in sixth grade and already having the time of my life with all the challenges of switching from class to class . So ya the teachers are tough and nice they just want you to strive to do your best . In fifth grade I wasn't getting the best grades (pinnacle is just a bonus) my parents had taught me how to study and different stuff now my gap is 3.75 . No fifth grade is was in the 3.0 range that was a huge improvement . So ya if you are looking for a great school you just found the best place for your child, grand child, eat. Thanks for reading this review

February 3, 2014

Walter c young is an excellent school, from day 1 in 6th grade I was very behind in math(or to me I was) with a B minus all the time in regular classes.With a score of 3 on the Fcat math but by 7th grade I received a 4 in math and 5 IN READING!!!! I was so excited and now I'm in 8th grade taking a 9th grade math class, Yes we have uniforms but it's duable you can mix and match sweaters and shoes and any accessorize anything you want (in moderation) and your allowed to wear JEANS!!, No we don't have lockers but that's fine the music program is awesome you make lots of friends and get to go on plenty of field trips. Hmmm, what else Oh the school is dirty -ish( meaning floor has gum and bathrooms are pretty groce) but you will get used to it. Very beautiful scenery lots of trees and flowers and the lunch room just got redone. The teachers really care about you passing and making Honor roll the school is pretty big for a middle school and the layout is well thought out it is an open campus but has enough shelter to keep you dry on rainy days. The principle is INTERESTING . Just don't worry Walter has its flaws but all and all you will grow to love your school. GO KNIGHTS!!

January 12, 2014

This School is literally the BEST !! I had my daughter transfer from New Renaissance Middle in Miramar, there was so much bullies, she was physically harassed, and the teachers don't do anything about it. But at Walter C, the bully report is amazingly quick, my daughter reported somebody stole her purse, and they found it immediately ! Walter C Young is the best school there is ! New renaissance Middle in Miramar deserves a thumbs down.

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January 9, 2014

This school is a gem, yes you have rude, ill-mannered children here, blame the parents of these kids not the school, they cannot police everything. I have so far have had a VERY positive experience ( compared to very negative experiences with local charter and pricey private schools), this school is run just like a private school down to the uniform policy and I find the academics to be very challenging for my above average child. The staff though, that is the real core of this school, they are courteous, attentive and fair, the committment to excellence is obvious. I feel extremely happy sending my daughter here and as a parent I feel respected and listened to, KUDOS to Mrs Clarke and Mrs Kinkaide part of a superb administrative team!!!

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August 16, 2013

My child did well academically at this school. The teachers are wonderful but very overworked with 30 plus in a class. Each child is a number and nothing more. The Principal made some great changes when he came, but you can not change the quality of the children assigned to this school, which is extremely POOR. The Administrators in 7th grade lack an understanding of how to deal with such children. I feared for my child's safety at this school from the other students which is why I reassigned them. A 7th grade Administrator failed to follow up on knowledge of something that drastically effected my child's safety. This 7th grade Administrator, failed my child and many other students. She did not do her job to protect my child. She then ignored my calls and emails with particular questions about the school. The Principal listened,but I did not get the impression he truly cared, just more feared the consequences of the Administrator's failure. I did not get the impression that they cared my child would be coming back-more the feeling that they did not want problems (questions from concerned parents). The children at this school are very rough.

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August 16, 2013

Great school I loved it. They teach you a lot of things you didn't know. I highly suggest going to this school.

August 16, 2013

Amazing school. Has helped me learn alot. Band is amazing in this school. The director has many years of experience. Band was my favorite.

August 15, 2013

This school is good. I don't want to say that it's the best thing ever because that would be a lie. But hey? No school is perfect! The teachers are AMAZING.I am going into eighth grade and I'm excited. There is alot of drama at this school but every school has drama. The new principal has made alot of changes but some of them are good. The dress code was changed but at least the people don't dress inappropriate. But it has gone a bit to far. On holidays you are forced to wear the dress code. What if we wore a red polo on Christmas? It's not inappropriate. All types of self expression is eliminated You can wear necklaces and bracelets or cool shoes but if the shoes are too much you cannot wear them. Also the lunch. That is ridiculous. Sit by class. I'm not in elementary school!!! But overall the principal has made some good changes and some that aren't needed. But he is a really nice guy. The band director is amazing. If you want to play music this is the perfect school for you. This director is one of the best in Florida. Don't even consider another school if your interested in band. Academically this school is great.This school has taught me so much. Overall this school is great.

June 3, 2013

Walter C. Young was an amazing experience for me. The teachers I have had care about the students and are willing to educate, the most important thing a teacher could do. For a student interested in extracurriculars, it's the only middle school in South Florida to have an orchestra (although I hear it's been reduced to a club), and the band is great. As for sports, while they are not spectacular, WCY is next to Flanagan HS, whose sports program is amazing, so it's relatively easy to get in touch with HS athletes. There's a tremendous diversity of clubs, as well, and WCY has a decent math team. Overall, I think the school set me up well for HS, and I am grateful to have been blessed with such an incredible MS experience. -Former Student

April 9, 2013

This school is the worst. From a student's point of view, the Administration doesn't care about the student's opinions. They recently put us to sit with our classes at lunch, which makes us look like a bunch of elementary students. If we don't have friends in that class, we are forced to sit with other students in silence while we eat our lunch. This also crumbles our group of friends seeing that we don't get to talk to them anywhere but lunch. Also, the school is kept dirty with no soap in the bathrooms and occasionally there will be toilet paper. The water fountains are also covered in gunk. I advise you to not send your child to this school. Ever since the new principal has come in, the school has gone down hill. Two years of being principal and all of the students are already against him. And, he doesn't take it well when students want to voice their opinions. He immediately gives a detention or even suspension if you petition against one of the rules at school. :(

October 16, 2009

Great school! My child attended New Renaissance Middle School prior to enrolling at WCYMS, I am so impressed with not only the academics that my child receives but the care of the staff. My daughter's behavior and attitude has change tremendously the past year since I transferred her to Walter C. Young Middle School. Keep striving at being the best!

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October 3, 2008

Great school!!! Thanks to the teachers and staff for encouraging students to continue their education and become successful in life. My sons are doing very well!!!

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July 29, 2008

Awsome school! My son love it! They have lots of great programs too!

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March 6, 2007

Walter C Young Middle is a great school. I wen there and do not regret it. It has good teachers and I havelearned so much there, sure there are a few that aren't that good but most of them have taught me life long skills. This is only public middle school in south broward that has orchestra, the pembroke pines charter middle schools do not have orchestras while this school does. The orchestra here prepares you for the Flanagan High School orchestra which is truly amazing. Being a resource center it hosts the Relay for Life giving students in the school a big chance to take an important role in it since they can get so invovled. There are a lot of activities compared to the local charter middle schools, and the sports aren't very good but they help prepare you for Flanagan High School's awesome sports team.

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January 31, 2007

WCYM has been an outstanding school for my child. The school exceeded all of my expectations and I feel that my daughter was overly prepared for high school.Every teacher at WCY speaks English and speaks it well. WCY is a great school with great students and great teachers.

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