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September 23, 2013

Continued from above. Are they just rushing through some ambitious curriculum and blaming 'attention deficits' on the kids that aren't up to pace? Because I'm a 32 year old scientist who is having trouble keeping up with his work so I can't even imagine the pressure on my son. Above all I just want my son to like his teacher and enjoy going to school. Is that so much to ask and expect? Apparently so.

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September 19, 2013

Great school.Both of my grandsons totally enjoyed it . A Childs school years should be full of wonderful memories and they have many great ones from Calusa.BUT there is always that "one person" who probably should not be a teacher....like the one named Yanya who went out of her way to make my grandson feel bad, inadequate. Why would an educated person act in such an uneducated way? Why would you intentionally hurt the feelings of a child and leave that imprinted in his mind forever? He left your school last year for middle school....he's doing very well and had since encountered nurturing teachers umpire Ms. Yanya.....maybe she needs A revaluation?????

September 17, 2013

My School Is so amazing. The teachers take their time to make sure students understand everything! My school literally cant improve. We have a great Gifted program with one of the most talented teachers ive ever met. Caulas is a great school that all children should attend!

September 1, 2013

I have to say that thus far I am yet to be impressed with Calusa. With such a wonderful reputation I was hoping for a great experience but to date it has been anything but. It is significantly over enrolled and limited on space. The students are packed into classes of 30-35 kids but they get around the class sized amendment by implementing co teaching. It seems overall very disorganized and their website provides no information and is updated every 4-5 months. There are few/no extracurricular activities and there are few learning field trips if any. Extremely traditional and no outside of the box thinking. My daughter just started second grade and I am hoping that this will be our last year here.

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August 12, 2013

Calusa Elementary is the very best!! One of my sons just completed 5th grade, and the other has 2 more yrs. in this school. I have to say Ms. Barreiro and Ms. Vargas are the best teachers. Ms. Fuentes is an amazing principal. I love the office staff. Everyone is very caring and involved with the students. I could only wish this was a K-8 center!! Excellent school!

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May 19, 2013

From front office administrative, to cafeteria and in between you could never find a better elementary school. We moved to south Florida from central Florida while in school over there they had A's&B's here they started struggling D's&F's I panic after Christmas tutoring. they pullout and finish even the Fcat was a breeze! I still disagree with all the days off they have every ridiculous holiday! I feel for single moms who work and have no family and more than one child days off are very difficult.

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December 18, 2012

School has a strong academic program. Teachers really care about their students. Each year has been better than the precvious one.

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September 11, 2012

The school is great and we have had a good experience so far. We love the fact that headmaster excells in discipline and that it is organized.You will find that the parents complaining are the ones with the badly mannered rugrats who think that their little Johnny is above the law. Nice teachers , great setting and the assistant principal is a gem. Car lane can get a bit frustrating , but so what , everything else makes up for it.

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May 31, 2012

Lots have changed in Calusa Elementary. My third grader has had a horrible year because of his teacher and her sidekick. She has the nerve to recommend a ADHA or ADD evaluation to any parent of any student that she can't teach. My son has been seen by various doctors and No Sign of any ADHA nor ADD has been found. Her lack of patience with certain students should concern parents. My son has been taught nothing and has failed the FCAT and entire school year because of her and her sidekick. Its not what you teach is how you teach. And also in this case its not what you know its who you know that makes a diffrence. Parents be aware.

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May 19, 2012

This is my twelfth year working at Calusa and the first three reviews on this page are not for our school! The teachers specifically named do not work at Calusa Elementary in Miami! (Your guidelines specify that names will not be published, but that is obviously not the case!) We have an outstanding and dedicated faculty and staff, including administrators who care deeply about the students. Our PTA works tirelessly to assist teachers in maintaining an exceptional level of academic achievement and positive behavior, despite the severe budget cuts that threaten public education. The office staff warmly receives parents and guests and the calibre of our school is evident at the front door. Several of our teachers are National Board Certified, including myself. There's a reason why Calusa has been recognized as a National School of Excellence.

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September 10, 2011

I'm a 6th grader that used to go to Calusa and I miss it already. I'm so glad I went to that school! I went there K-5 and all my teachers cared for me and teached well. I was a saftey patrol and it was amazing! We got to go to Washington D.C. for two nights and it was really fun. My fifth grade teachers prepared me for middle school (Mr. Lewert and Ms. Or'ourke) I also liked Mr. Fisher (Was my 3rd rade teacher now teaches 5th grade) And for our 5th grade field trip we went to epcot! Over all it is an amazing school and i wish they taught middle school.

May 31, 2011

Our son attained kindergarten this year and we were very fortunate to have Ms. Martin she really cares for her students....Always kept us informed and helped us get involved in helping our son in school..Truly a fantastic teacher and the best part is our son loved being in her class...

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November 2, 2010

My son goes to kindergarden and his teacher is Ms Cammack. I am so happy because she has a lot of patience and she knows her job very well.

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September 2, 2010

Not impressed. School moved my daughter to another classroom the second wk. Her first teacher was really nice & now her teacher she has now is an mean old women. Asked to have her moved back as my child is going through allot of stressful personl issues & principal refuses telling me they are issues at home & she knows whats best for my child. She dont know my child. With her situation she dont need the added stress. I told her shes crying when she gets home stressed out more now. Prinicipal dont care. Not only that my daughter gets 2 1/2 hrs of home work daily and no recess time to speak of. None on days they have gym. Teacher wonders why shes having prob. concentrating? Duh NO RECESS. Kids are still supposed to play. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND another school if you have a choice!!!

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May 20, 2010

Calusa teacher's and staff are top notch! Extremely caring, familiy enviorment. The truly want the kids to suceed and do all possible to ensure that they do. I am very happy that my children have been blessed with such a great school. It is a true relief for any parent to know their kids are in the best hands when they are not with them and that they are learning as they should - at their level or above.

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