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Addison Mizner Elementary School10

Boca Raton, FL | Palm Beach County


November 10, 2014

I appreciate the comment from the reviewer who feels like an ATM machine. There is ALOT of solicitation for funds / fundraisers etc. And the supply list at the beginning of the school year is getting ridiculous. Between what the parents supply and what the teachers are still providing out of pocket where exactly does our monies go from all these fundraisers etc.? I love the school . Their academics are excellent and the teachers I have come in contact with are caring and knowledgeable.The front office can be unfriendly at times. I rarely see anyone there smile when they greet or talk to you.( How sad) Have a friendlier office staff and keep those money money requests to a few times a year instead of several a month and I would have no problem giving them that extra star.

November 3, 2014

Very disappointed. Just over two months into school and we just received a letter home - my stepson is on his third kindergarten teacher. We receive just as much material if not more, requesting money over information on education (five separate fundraiser requests this week alone) There is a lack of organization in communication and a marginalization of what's really important: the children and their progress. Lots of dittos, television watching-symptoms of inconsistent staffing. We'd love to see less paper coming home-going green-(use the emails we provided) and stable staffing, more information on what's happening in the classroom. As someone who has headed schools before, I'm saddened to be treated as an ATM machine rather than a partner in our Kindergartener's education.

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August 28, 2014

I have had my son in this school now for his 3rd year.. (2nd Grader) I have no idea where the negative comments are coming from. This school is fantastic. Not everyone is perfect everyday, but this school is as good as it gets. I moved from Delray Beach to this neighborhood for my son to enter this school and I haven't regretted the decision once. Every year just keeps getting better. My family feel blessed to be part of this school and we are very active in it. (volunteer wise) You get out twice what you put in!!! Love the school and its programs... Wonderful teachers and faculty...

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August 21, 2014

My daughter loves her school. Teachers are top notch, incredible professional and concerned with their student's wellbeing. They have an amazing Principal, Mrs. Burke who is dedicated to make of this school the best one in East Boca. I have read some negative comments about their office staff, but I can tell you that even if they may seem aloof at the beginning (perhaps because they're extremely busy), you will find out that they are also very caring and supportive. My daughter also takes a variety of classes with third party vendors, zumba, mad science, etc that are offered in the schools premises and she's happy with them. Their aftercare program does not impressed me much though, although Mr. Anthony is fabulous and kind; Mr. Steve can be simply boldly rude to deal with at times, especially with parents or grandparents whose first language is not English. I guess, he can't help it. Anyway, overall Addison Mizner is a great school and their team deserves recognition for that.

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November 12, 2013

My son is now a 3rd Grader at AMES. Been there since Kindergarten. I can't say enough great things about the staff and quality of education he has received there to date. I have yet to meet a teacher who does not genuinely care about the children and their education. Teachers are tough, but fair. All of them have been great with communicating to parents. I don't see bad acts going on (fighting, stealing, bullying). The teachers simply do not put up with it. The parents are very involved - there is a strong and supportive PTA. The aftercare program is top notch (shout out to Mr. Steve). The only downside is the campus is old and bit run down - they have been making strides to improve it (painting, grass, etc...). I will take a great education over a pretty campus any day. New principal Burke is amazing.

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July 17, 2013

Like most things, you can get from this education what you as a parent put into it with your child. The staff is great. Although not everyone always see eye to eye, these are caring professionals. I know I would do no better sending my children to private. I am grateful to the staff of Addison Mizner for a great job.

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January 15, 2013

This school is slowly bouncing back from horrible leadership. The previous principal allowed the school to become filthy - trash littered the walkways and common areas, the play areas are dirt and ruin your child's shoes and clothing, and the bathrooms were filthy with urine and feces everywhere. A new principal seems to be addressing the issues yet the teacher centric culture still prevails. The credit for the school's high rating is really more of a reflection on the neighborhoods it draws from. A new charter school opened and many people opted to send their children there. You can have excellent results or you can have poor . We have had both, mostly poor. It depends on who you know and whether you can pull the strings to get your kids in with the right teachers. Kids can go from being A/B students one year to C/D students the next. It sounds ridiculous but some teachers we worked with have actually lied to us - rather than address issues - While other teachers have been excellent and extremely helpful. It is luck of the draw, since there was so little actual leadership in previous years - the proof of this is in the reviews - earlier reviews are good while later reviews range.

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October 4, 2012

I totaly agree that most of the office and staff are very rude, at every level acting as rulers of the world yelling at children and parents, they will ask you for a pick up plan as theirs is a total disaster for the school and comunity ;piling up cars in endless lines. zero common sense in resolving this critical problem expecting parents to park a mile away or children to walk home during a thunder storm because there are no contingencies allowable from them. Coming from another school also 2nd grade is just like kindergarten and even when obtaining excelent grades and test results they cannot place the children appropiately to their abilities and knowledge, is very frustrating, Teachers are good but they have to aknowledge that parent involvement has been the key to their good reputation. Gifted program is as good as your child can make out of it.The cafeteria also is very dated and actualy not good.

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September 14, 2012

I have mixed feelings about this school. We only recently moved to the area and chose a home near to the school because of its great reputation. So far - nothing great. My son was previously in K in an ability grouped class. They had already completed 1/3 of first grade by the end of May. Here he is floating along doing work he already did 6 months ago - we will be getting him tested for gifted soon, but the progress seems slow to me. The office staff are beyond rude, the VP is extremely rude and curt and they seem to feel that they are doing you a favor by even gracing your presence with their imperialism. The principle yells at parents and students in the car line and generally the feeling is of "they system is again you not for you". The test scores are great so somewhere along the line they must be doing some good work I hope I am wrong and that our experience changes and if our year improves I will post an update.

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August 13, 2012

Without question one of the best public schools in the country. We came from a private school when we relocated to Boca Raton and had concerns about some of the reviews of the local schools. However, we can attest that AMES is fantastic. Everyone care first and foremost about the children and not only their education in class but their social integration and growth. The teachers spend their own money to supplement the budget cuts imposed on all public schools in FL. Parents and as much access to the teachers as they desire. You will not hear "I'm bored" from your child. You may hear "it's hard" but if they need help, there is help. You and your child will fully enjoy your time at AMES.

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November 14, 2011

This school is filthy beyond words, my kids do not go to the bathroom the entire day, I am going to do something about this it is a disgrace that this principal allows this to go on, something will be done, there is a large group of mothers who feel this way and we will not stop until something is done, it is not safe for kids to be in this school!!!!!

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May 22, 2009

I love this schoool. My daughter is headed to 4th grade and we've been there since Kg. I've had some special needs and they tutored her and had some reading help for her over the years. My husband and I also recently seperated and the teachers, old and new to her couldn't be more helpful. The guidance counseler set her up for a divorce/seperated care class they also offer during the school day! Amazing support system both educational and personal!

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September 22, 2008

A great school. The activities are limited especially sports but the area has plenty of options. The principal is really good, kind to the children but it is difficult to get an appointment to meet with her. You will usually get the assistant principal who is much more rigid. The teachers are phenomenal and that is what makes it a great school. The teachers

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October 14, 2007

Playgrounds have really dirty sand and needs great work. Outside of some classrooms the sand is also very dirty. Extracurricular activities, such as performaning in a play or playing musical instruments does not exist. (unless you consider the grade 5 pupils start to play the flute!) Discourages against parent involvement since it is already high. It is a shame as the money seems to go elsewhere and not to the outdoor areas - this school also does not have an indoor gym.

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August 29, 2007

I give Addison Mizner 5 stars! It is the best school!

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