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Coral Reef Elementary School9

Lake Worth, FL | Palm Beach County


May 13, 2014

Are there any posted ratings for this school for 2014? Which teachers are the best in each grade level? My daughter is entering K in fall 2014

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October 10, 2013

I have experienced wonderful teacher-parent communication with my fourth grade teacher. Awesome! Thank you Mrs. Oates!

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June 6, 2013

I went to c.r.e.s. (coral reef elementary school) as a student! Great school! I went from a c student in math to an a! They teach respect, responsibility, and safety.

December 8, 2012

Art teachers need to request parent volunteers so that they can implement a "FULL arts program." Where is the 3-D art- sculptures, clay, recyclable art, etc... Us parents are willing to help just ask the PTA. We want the kids exposed to other mediums other than paper /pencil. We realize it's easier when you have 40+ kids in a class but ask for assistance and maybe you could rotate doing something EXTRA with a grade level at a time with VOLUNTEERS! Where are the extra-curricular club activities here? Last year, a Science and book Club was offered. What happened this year? Please use some of the monies donated to pay teacher supplements. We NEED A Science and Math Club-Robotics- the district offers LEGO LABS for free. Why aren't the teachers REQUIRED TO SIGN UP FOR THE SCIENCE LAB? My child has NOT BEEN THIS YEAR! Why not have the teachers rotate in by grade level and have them organize the lab lessons by units of study and the lead teacher set up the materials for the week and let all classes of that grade level rotate in. There should be more oversight by admin that the teachers are using the science and computer labs. CORAL REEF NEEDS TO GET KIDS ENGAGE IN"ALL" AREAS

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December 8, 2012

Need to Vamp up there use of technology. Where are the iPads? The Title 1 schools have one iPad per student. Other schools in our social economic level have carts of iPads, i.e. Panther Run Elem. The school district can provide theTeacher training for free. Apple offers 10 packs to the district at discount. Use some of the walkathon money and purchase 3 -10 packs on a cart for teacher check out. The school needs to provide MORE access to technology! Where is the integration in the classroom? Teachers need MORE training I guess? Kids should be creating tech projects using software programs that enhance units of study by grade level. Glogster, Edmodo, class tools.net, gmail accounts, google drive etc... My kids rarely able to get on a computer in the class to even take a Reading Counts quiz. Sometimes it takes over a week to have access to the computer... Why not open the computer labs/library before and after school for Reading Counts time like Manatee Elem We need to bring up the scores/ learning gains of the level 3-5 kids. Why not let the level 5 kids take a virtual class on the computer like Hagen Ranch Road Elem. Need to work SMARTER NOT HARDER!

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February 29, 2012

Students, Employees To Wear Pink To Support "STAND UP To Bullying Day" I hope the Principle of Coral Reef and a few certain teachers will be wearing pink on February 29th to Support STAND UP to BULLYING They know first hand the effect that it has on a student when two of the teachers of Coral Reef attacked a child. We are now trying to get a date for the Coral Reef Lack of Judgment Day & Mothers Hat Day. Stay tuned we will advise. On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, all school district administrators, employees, and students are encouraged to show their support by wearing a Pink shirt.

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February 5, 2012

My daughter is in 1st grade with Ms. Kaplan. She loves her teacher. I have met her, and seen how the children respond to her. I mcouldn't ask for better. She was with Ms. Bolger for first grade and loved her, as well. She is also a straight "A" student, which I am very proud of. I hope she continues this throughout her school years. I have spoken to the principle and other faculty members and can only say that I am happy that my daughter attends Coral Reef.

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August 11, 2011

I am a former student At coral reef this is is one of the best school i have ever been to and they want you to be your best coral reef is outstanding.

June 1, 2011

The cafeteria needs to a few more ROACH MOTELS! I hear stories from the neighborhood children about the roaches that crawl out from under the table DURING lunch, on milk cartons, crawl up the walls, etc!!! ( the staff has verified this as well) The school as a whole is GOOD and the administration is visible but could be more open to PTA suggestions. The parents raise many dollars for the school. They should use some of it to fund extra- curricular activites for kids afterschool-, pay for teacher stipends for : chess club 1-5 not just 4 and 5th graders, they need a Science, Engineering and Math club, Robotics club- school board offers the materials and competitions; just need a teacher sponsor. The classroom teachers need more access to the playground as well from admin. (walking to lunch is not excerise) Students in other countries get frequent short breaks, helps their brains organize. Our kids need breaks too!

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May 25, 2011

Great School. Good discipline needed for kids and it is right there. I have always got emails back from teachers. Please check your junk mail. MY son went there from KG to 5th now my daughter is there in 1st. One of the best in the county.

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August 3, 2010

I do not care for the principal Mrs. Moretto. She has no compassion for the situations that the student are in. Other than that the school is great. My daughter loves it and is going into first grade this year. Im just hoping for a new principal.

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April 7, 2010

have sent e-mails to teachers and principal also sent a letter with report card received no responce. this is for a child with add and need medicine i sent the forms in 1 month ago and 2 weeks ago asked were they were no response now he has run out of his medicine and today he got a bad report no serprise here. please someone talk to them Robert

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March 23, 2009

This is pretty good for public school. I do feel that the lack of recess is ridiculous. Children need the exercise and they need a break from the long day. I like the teachers and staff and the fact that each class has a bathroom. Good environment overall.

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January 4, 2009

I'm a former student(10th grade currently) and I must say I enjoyed the school very much. The teachers and staff are excellent and the principle works for your child's needs and requirements. My little sister was there for about half a month due to unforeseen behavioral issues.. They're special needs programs Isn't the greatest, but all and all its an awesome school. *Former student Eric Weber*

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August 12, 2008

Great school but if your child has a learning problem there not set up that good for them not like other public schools

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